Our technicians take care to apply each extension to an individual lash extending and adding volume to your natural lashes. Eyelash extensions are, compared to flares, a much longer process, but with patience, comes rewards!​​​

Full Set 

         * Approx. two hour appointments are needed for your first application.

We offer three different looks which vary in price depending on the style you choose:




TRIAL SET (60 min)

    A partial Natural Set, this look is ideal for our first timers. If you never had eyelash extensions and are not sure if eyelash extensions are for you then a partial Natural Set is perfect for you. This set was designed for you to get a feel for eyelash extensions, see if you like them and if its a service you want to commit to.

*For 1st time clients only!

   BOTTOM LASHES (30 min) 

            Full Sets and Refills are done in the same amount of time. Bottom eyelash extensions will make your eyes appear more glamorous and will open up your eyes. this is ideal for women with blond lashes and very small bottom lashes which are hard to see. 



Eyelash Lift

is a professional treatment which lifts and curls your natural lashes. A 30 min appointment is needed for this service.

For an extra boost add an Eyelash Tint

Eyelash Tint

Darkens the color of your natural eyelashes for 3 to 4 weeks. This appointment length varies from 15 to 30 minutes.


  Since your lashes have a life cycle and naturally fall out, fills are needed on a regular basis in order to maintain your look 

Fills are scheduled for one, two or three weeks. Our lash techs most often recommend a two week fill cycle.

  • REGULAR (60 min)

    •     1 Week

    •     2 Weeks

      • Recommended fill by eyelash artists to keep lashes looking nice and full.

    •     3 Weeks

  • EXTENDED (1hour & 20 min)

    • 4 Weeks

      • Extended fills are price differently than the regular fills given that the client practically needs a full set and requires a longer appointment.

* Anything past 4 weeks is considered a full set. In order to book again you must book a full set!

  • OUTSIDE FILL (60 min)

Lash applications applied outside of All About The Look are considered OUTSIDE FILLS. The quality of Outside Fills varies greatly depending on the training and materials used by the person applying the lashes. Because of this, clients are required to send pictures via email, Facebook messenger or Instagram direct message prior to booking the appointment. Additional time and fees may be required if your eyelashes were poorly applied or if your natural lashes have been damaged. If you decide to have us care for your lash health and extensions, book today!




Strip Lashes

Choose a pair from our collection or, bring in your favorite strip lashes and have them professionally applied. The price for application will be slightly less if you bring your own eyelashes. (Usually lasts 1-2 days) 


A flare is a group of false lashes, all attached into a single cluster which is then applied to the lash. Flares are great for quick applications  and look flashy for events.​ Unfortunately, they fall off sooner than extensions and tend to be heavier on the natural lash. 

Full Set 

     APPROX. 30 mins are needed for flare application

(Usually lasts 10-14 days) 



Goodbye Mascara!


Isn't she Lovely?!


Wow! Look at those lashes! 


We recommend only 1 refill for flares. After one refill, book for a removal and a fresh new full set of flares.


We offer two different removals, removals for eyelash extensions applied by us are a lower price than removals for extensions from other businesses. Prices vary for both removals depending on the type of extensions you have on.


  • All About The Look Removal

  • Outside Removal

What is your look ?

   Recommended for those that desire to wake up with a Hollywood glamour-esque look to their eyes. This look is always Red Carpet ready with long and luxurious eyelashes, easily making you the envy of women who are not as bold as you. This look is stylish and appropriate for the modern day fashionista. Choose a custom set such as the Cat Eye style, or an Extra Long lash for a flirtatious edge.

Do you suffer from severe allergies? Be sure to let your lash technician know so she can use the appropriate glue.

Do you want that Natural/Mascara Look? Well say goodbye to your mascara. This look is perfect for the woman who would love to wake up without the daily hassle of an eye makeup routine. This look is considered to be ideal for most professional lash wearers and is also great for first timers! This look will add a bit more definition to your natural eye and give you a more polished appearance.

  How about adding a little more sophistication to your eyes? This is our fun and daring look for the woman who is a little less conservative. Take this look from day to night easily and be the one admired for your long luscious eyelashes. This eye is a bit more enticing with long sweeping eyelashes. Treat yourself to young, bright-looking eyes.

The Elegant Look

The Glamorous Look

The Natural Look 

The Natural Look